Notice *** Fishing Reports Will continue, but this week will be the last Fishing Report from Charlie Taylor. ***

From Charlie:
I wrote the first Fishing Report in 1984 and have posted it either in The Times Community Newspapers or online every week since. In the 36 years I have been writing the report, I have encountered and worked with lots of anglers throughout the state, each with their own unique style, techniques and preferences. One thing they all had in common‚ĶHonesty and reliability. Unfortunately, most of my reporters have aged (like me), quit fishing, moved out of state, are plagued with health and/or family issues or died. While I am still able to get out, with assistance, I am no longer able to check on conditions around the state. This means that I am unable to provide fishing information as accurate as I would like it to be. Therefore, I am discontinuing the Fishing Report effective today. Many thanks to Steven Kellet for designing and maintaining my website for the past seven plus years. Thanks also to the many readers who have sent me information regarding their success in fishing various waters in Virginia. Good luck and Good Fishin’

If Charlie has had a positive impact on you and you’d like to drop a line to say thanks, please email him at to let him know.

Thank you Charlie for your years decades of commitment and contribution to this community! All of us here wish you the best.