Bridge Heights & Clearance

Figures below are based on a water level at 200 feet. If you don’t see the current water level to the right or beneath this post, check HERE

BridgeClearanceWater Depth
Song Bird Creek6’6” 5’
Eaton Ferry Bridge9’11”34.5’
Lizard Creek River Road6’3”4’
Pea Hill Creek River Road8’7”15.5’
Pea Hill Creek Rt 6269’12.2’
Pea Hill Creek Rt 6675’4”9.5’
Popular Creek Rt 9039’4”16’
Norcarva Rt 13346’5”5.5’
Holly Grove Rt 9038’11″8’
Information is provided by USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 93.
Skippers are responsible for their own boat’s safety before entering below a bridge or tunnel.