The lower temperatures will accomplish three things: lower the water temperatures, cause the fish to head to the backs of the creeks, chasing baitfish, and make the fish much more aggressive in feeding.

Crankbaits and plastic worms are the baits of choice for the active largemouth bass. Most of the fish are found around concentrations of shad.

Downlake, plastic worms seem to work best, while spinnerbaits are the bait of choice in the dingy water uplake. Slowly work plastic worms or grubs in 4-8 feet of water wherever you find shad. Best areas seem to be around creek channels that drop to 7-8 feet. The grass beds on points in the main river and in the creek channels, are producing good bass on topwater baits. Baby Chug Bugs and Zoom Horny Toads are particularly good.

Live bait is particularly good for stripers.

Lots of crappie are available to anglers fishing live minnows around submerged brushpiles. Look for brushpiles around boat docks.