Waters throughout the state are between lightly stained and muddy due to the recent rain.That being said, boaters need to be aware of floating debris in the waterways. Be especially careful when seeing a short vertical piece of wood floating. This could, and generally is, attached to a log drifting just under the surface. Give them a wide berth. In the current environment, opt for orange, bone and chartreuse baits with lots of vibration and/or noise. Look for mud lines where muddy water meets clear or lightly stained water. These areas will hold fish.

Topwaters are taking good fish in the early morning hours. After sunup, plastic worms and lizards, fished on the main lake points are the ticket.

Striper action has picked up, with most of the fish being caught around the Eaton Ferry Bridge on live shad. Lots of stripers are also being taken just below the dam in Roanoke Rapids Lake.

Bluegills are off the beds and are taking live crickets.