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With the extreme cold weather throughout the state, icy conditions are prevalent. Keep this in mind when launching boats as the ramps are very likely to be icy, particularly if another boat has launched prior to your arrival. Many vehicles have slid into the water due to ice on the ramp. Even with the cold weather coming in throughout the area, anglers should still be able to catch fish. Look for bass to become active on shallow banks dropping off into deeper water. This should happen in the afternoon when the sun has been warming the water on the shallow bank. Sand and gravel banks are best, with dropoffs into 10-15 feet of water. Small, wide wobbling crankbaits, retrieved very slowly, will take the fish. Bring in the bait just fast enough to create a vibration in the rod tip. When the tip stops vibrating, set the hook, as a fish has the bait in it’s mouth, swimming toward the rod tip. At the same time, toss out a dark colored plastic grub, impaled on a small jig head, and allow it to sit undisturbed on the bottom of the drop. Leave the bail open, as bass will pick this up and run with it.


Stripers, 10-13 pounds, are still hitting sporadically around the mouth of Pea Hill Creek and in front of the Gaston Dam. Jigging bucktails and Sassy Shads seems to be the most successful method.

Largemouth bass, 4-10 pounds, are schooling with the stripers.

Bass are being taken on plastic baits on the downcurrent side of bridges throughout the lake.

Crappie are found on brushpiles in 8-12 feet of water.