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With water temperatures getting low the fish are holding in the normal wintertime haunts, in deep water. Lots of good fish are being taken throughout the state by anglers who are patient. Plastic baits, fished at the base of channel dropoffs or on shallow gravel banks dropping off into deeper water, will take bass, perch, crappie, striper and catfish. Warmwater discharges are holding lots of active fish. These fish are suckers for Silver Buddies, small Rat-L-Traps and crankbaits, and white grubs. Species range from catfish to stripers, carp, bass and yellow perch. Most sewage treatment plant discharges and power plant cooling water discharges are warmer than the water into which they are dumped.


Striper action is hot in the main lake around the mouth of Pea Hill Creek.

Large schools of surface-feeding fish are marauding through the shad schools early and late in the day.

Bass are confined to the deeper dropoffs, with the majority located in 25-40 feet of water.