Submit Events

Use this form to submit events to the Editor to be included in the "Events Calendar." The events must be: (1) local to the Lake Gaston Area, (2) Open to the public, and (3) be of general interest. Please submit the information at least two-weeks before the event.

The event needs to be open to the public. We do not include regular club meetings unless there is a guest or event associated with the meeting. In that case, the speaker or event is the "event name."
Time and date of the event. If the event occurs over multiple dates, please include the range of dates.
The name of the Venue (ie. The Superdome, First Methodist Church, Colonial Center, Smith Park, VFW Hall, etc).
The full address of the venue named above (ie. 1234 Main Street, Boydton, VA 23917).
Ticket cost? Donations expected? Etc.
Person's name (optional) users should contact for more information.
Telephone Number (with area code) to call for more information. You can list up to three numbers (separated by commas). .
The email address one can you to ask for additional information.
If the event has a website with additional information, please indicate the URL.
Please tell us a little about the event. Who is appearing? Is there a sponsor?
Optional information that is not published online but is provided to better help the Editor understand how/where/when you want this event publicized.