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Lake Awareness for the fall

Lake Gaston Association

In this season of winterizing water toys and raking leaves we would like to remind you NOT to rake or blow leaves or other yard debris into the lake.

Yes... leaves fall into the lake all the time - its nature; but nature is a delicate balance and additional leaves stress the lake in many ways.

Decaying leaves consume oxygen that fish and other aquatic life need to survive and releases excess nutrients that contribute to undesirable aquatic plant growth i.e., hydrilla, lyngbya and other noxious algae. This is especially true in coves with lower water levels. It creates dirty water in shallow areas.

Not abiding by this requirement we become our own worst enemy by adding additional nutrients to the water pool.

We should also be aware that most land around the lake is elevated this allows any chemicals from lawn fertilizing or weed control to wash into the lake. You should take precautions when applying any product to your lawn.

Please note that putting grass clippings into the lake is also an activity that is prohibited. This adds phosphorous and nitrogen into the water with significant effects on nutrient levels in the lake.

Lastly, intentionally putting leaves in the lake is a violation of Dominion Power's Shoreline Management Plan (the same document that regulates boat docks and other activities on the Dominion right-of-way) and subject to enforcement action.

During this Holiday season let's remember to give thanks for the privilege of living on this beautiful lake and do our part to preserve and protect this wonderful natural resource.

The Lake Gaston Association works closely with Dominion Power and other agencies around the lake to make our residents aware of good practices for lake care.

Date Updated: 
Friday, December 9, 2016