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Updated: 11:20pm, 11/3/15

Republicans held onto a majority in the Virginia Senate, winning a multi million-dollar election battle with Virginia Democrats.The key to the victory was the win by Richmond School Board member Glen Sturtevant over Chesterfield County Supervisor Daniel Gecker in the 10th District. Other Senate races had Democrats retaining seats they had held and Republicans doing the same.

In the Lake Gaston area, Republican Senator Frank Ruff was unopposed. Delegate Thomas Wright did have a Democratic opponent, but in a heavily Republican district, the Democrat, Gregory Marston, could only pull about a quarter of the vote. Wright also carried Mecklenburg County.

There were several contested, local races in both Brunswick and Mecklenburg Counties that drew voters from around Lake Gaston.

In Brunswick County there were contested races for Sheriff, won easily by incumbent Brian Roberts. Earl Stanley, Jr. got more than half the vote in a four-way race for Clerk of Court. Weldon Tyler won re-election to the Board of Supervisors by about 120 votes. Tyler's district includes some of the area around Lake Gaston.

In Mecklenburg County, incumbent Sheriff Bobby Hawkins took 81 percent of the vote. Michelle Gregory Gordon was elected as Clerk of Court with a two-to-one margin over the closest of two opponents

Two supervisors races involved districts that include some Lake Gaston residents, In District 3, Dan Tanner won a close three-way race by only 25 votes. In District 6, Bill Blalock won with more than 60 percent of the vote. And in the First District School Board race, Brent Richie won with about 76 percent of the vote.

There were also municipal elections in the North Carolina counties that border Lake Gaston but none of those races represented areas on the Lake.

Here are the results in contested races that represent areas on Lake Gaston. The * indicates the winner.


Brunswick Clerk of Court (FINAL) Votes Percent

Timothy F. Puryear 

176 4.37%

Arnika T. Green 

913 22.64%

Constance "Sis" Kelly-Rice 

625 15.50%

* V. Earl Stanley, Jr. 

2,298 56.99%

Brunswick Sheriff (FINAL) Votes Percent

Charles R. "Randy" Bowen 

528 13.13%

* Brian K. Roberts 

3,483 86.64%

Brunswick Supervisors – District 1 (FINAL) Votes Percent

Joe A. Bain 

350 42.58%

* Welton Tyler 

470 57.18%


Mecklenburg Clerk of Court
Votes Percent

* Michelle Gregory Gordon 

4,137 60.75%

Billy M. "B.J." Mull, Jr. 

1,072 15.74%

Charlene C. Williamson 

1,602 23.51%

Mecklenburg Sheriff (FINAL) Votes Percent

Paul S. Cox 

1,262 18.50%

* R.W. "Bobby" Hawkins, Jr

5,558 81.50%

House of Delegates – District 61
(District Wide Results) (FINAL)
Votes Percent

Gregory L. Marston 

4,985 28.86%

*Thomas C. Wright Jr. 

12,277 71.08%

Mecklenburg Board of Supervisors – District 3 (FINAL) Votes Percent

* Evans D. "Dan" Tanner, Jr. 

269 37.00%

Thomas C. "Tom" Tanner 

244 33.56%

W. A. "Will" Woodall 

214 29.44%

Mecklenburg Board of Supervisors – District 6 (FINAL) Votes Percent

* W. E. "Bill" Blalock 

482 61.72%

Lewis R. Rash III 

299 38.28%

Mecklenburg School Board – District 1
Votes Percent

Nichol Pagano Cooper 

132 23.53%

* Brent E. Richey 

429 76.47%
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Tuesday, November 3, 2015