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Charlie Taylor's Fishing Report - February 24, 2017

Water temperatures in Lake Gaston are in the mid-high 40s, and fishing is fair. Bass are being caught in the back ends of the creeks on jigs, grubs and large, slow-rolled spinnerbaits. Topwater baits, fished in the backs of coves, are taking trophy bass. Main lake rocky points are showing some good sized bass on crankbaits.

Some large catfish were caught this past week.

Crappie fishing is excellent, while stripers are biting well at the mouth of Pea Hill Creek.

With the recent advent of warm weather, water temperatures are rising and bass and crappie are on the feed. Bass may generally be found near their normal spawning grounds, holding in deeper water adjacent and coming up on the flats to feed once the sun warms the water. Crappie are schooled up in 4-6 feet of water adjacent to cover.

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